What we do/support


Why: The bigger picture

When you consider that 65% of children in India study in rural government schools, it becomes obvious that any meaningful effort to improve the quality of education in our country has to start here.

Here I would like to quote a poem which shows how a father is tickled with joy at the tender utterances and words of his children.

According to Indian mythology, Even though Hiranya Kasipu was a demon king, he was well aware of the requirement of education not only for his son but for all the people.

          Anudina santhoshammulu
          Janitasrama duhkha taapa samshoshanamul 
          Tanayula sambhaashanamulu 
          Janakulakunu karnayugaala sadbhooshanamul.
[The sweet talks of children delight every moment, alleviate the hardship-trouble-grief due to the daily grind, and serve as precious ear-ornaments to the parents.]

Then see how the Demon King explains the importance of education and fruits of learning to his son:

          Chadivina sadasadviveka chaturata kalugun
          Chaduvagavalayunu janulaku
          Chadivinceda naaryulodda chaduvumu thandree!

[Uneducated remain ignorant; education gives a sense of discrimination and skills; everyone needs to learn; so my dear child, I will send you to the worthy, and learn from them.]


WHAT: Our role in the effort


 Enriching Children’s education- A ray of love, Hope and Optimism

Operation Vignaan exists to provide love, hope and Optimism, fulfilling basic and Psychological needs of Maslows Hierarchy. Through education, we work to help children to escape poverty in their lifetime. We focus on improving the lives of children by providing them education, shelter and clothing. We believe that education is one of the most important media that help in developing the country.

It is the goal of the OV to provide education to those children who are not fortunate enough to have readily available access.

Aim of this program is to nurture the merit of students from disadvantaged rural poor families to enable them to realize their actual potential. Financial assistance will be given to continue education post 10th grade, which will cover college fees and exam fees.


WHEN & WHERE: Tracking our growth

We began our efforts with a few schools in Andhra Pradesh. As on October 2015, we impacted 1053 children and we want to continue across India with the same commitment with all your support.



  • 1053 children benefited directly through Operation Vignaan initiative.
  • 51% of the beneficiaries were girl children
  • 34 school drop-outs resumed education
  • 5 students got sponsor ship to continue their education after 10th grade.
  • 4 water plants got constructed in 4 schools



Funding for this initiative is coming from my family members, relatives, office colleagues,  mentors, friends and my clients through trainings.

The below slokas are dedicated for all our donors

          shateShu jAyate shUraH sahasreShu cha paNDitaH |
          vaktA dashasahasreShu dAtA bhavati vA na vA ||

          Among the hundred people only one is brave, 'shUra',
          Among the thousand only one is a learned, Pandit.
          Among the ten thousand only one is a good orator, 'vaktA'.
          The people who "give" ('dAtA' - One who donates) may (rarely) or may not exist.

The heart is referred to as hrudaya (hrud + daya = hrudaya), meaning that the heart is the seat of daya or compassion

The Heart of the education is Education of the Heart

          narasyAbharaNaM rUpaM, rUpasyAbharaNam guNaH |
          guNasyAbharaNam j~jAnam, j~jAnasyAbharaNam kShamA ||

Appearance is the adornment of a human; of such appearance, the adornment is the character; of such character, the adornment is the knowledge; and of such knowledge, the adornment is patience, endurance and compassion.

          hastasya bhuShaNam dAnam, satyam kaNTasya bhuShaNam |
          shotrasya bhuShaNam shAsthraM, bhuShaNaihi kim prayojanam ||

The ornament for the hand is giving, speaking the truth is the ornament for the neck; the ornament for the ears is (listening to) the scriptures--of what use are the other ornaments?


HOW: Methods and modalities

Most of the signature initiatives of the program came up through interaction with the kids and the teachers during our training and awareness programs across Andhra Pradesh. 


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